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onsdag den 3. august 2011

So long summer!..

Så har Travis (BMXbutikken) Stablet en video konkurrence på benene.. Konkurrencen løber af stablen idag 3. august kl. 09:00 og slutter den 2. september kl. 23:30
Her er hvad han selv har skrevet på Facebogen, tjeck det ud:

"So long summer!" is a BMX Butikken video contest. Grab a camera, ride your bike, film some moves and edit it all together!

Upload your edit to Vimeo when complete, post a link here and add it to:​longsummer

Friday the 2nd of September is the deadline for submissions, with a winner being announced on Sunday the 4th of September.

We have three prize packs from Nike to give away and we'll be looking at all aspects, from spots to tricks to editing. So basically this is open to everyone, you don't have to be shooting on a 7d and spend 20 hours in After Effects! Phone cameras and shady editing programs with watermarks are fine, as long as you are having fun!

It can be a one-man production, or you can have 50 people in your edit, we don't mind (though it probably won't be so much fun splitting the prize with lots of people).

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